How many things have you missed out on, or did not try because you did not want to do it alone? Have you ever wanted to try salsa dancing, or woke up one day and said “Hey I want to go indoor skydiving? But didn’t have anyone to do that thing with you, that you know you could be freaking great at? Your schedule is open today, but your best friends isn’t? There is a solution for that!

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What Is Groupiiie?

Groupiiie is a Mobile App for on-demand group activity, without the dependency of waiting on friends/others, and eliminating “RSVP remorse,” you know signing up for something, but when the time comes, you really don’t want to do it anymore. Think of it as “uber” for fun group connections.

Unlike other social meetup sites, we provide a platform for instant group activity, created by you and people to do that with, while eliminating the dependency of waiting on others, by giving you people in your immediate area that you can see, that are available in real time.

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Go! Connect! Groupiiie!
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Community driven with the ability to find multiple events and activities to do with friends and family!


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